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Triple-decker Rewards for you between 01 June & 30 November 2019

Maximize your returns as a PartnerPlusBenefit member with ‘Triple-decker Rewards.’ Get amazing rewards in 3 easy ways – just for enjoying the benefits of the program.

Get assured reward of Rs. 1000 just for updating your details

Simply update the contact details in your PPB account, including your Self Declaration form & GSTN number. That’s it! You will get Rs. 1000 in Amazon vouchers as a thank you from us.

Get assured rewards up to Rs. 8000 for making transactions

Beginning 01 June, make any transaction by earning or redeeming Points and get between Rs.2000-8000 in assured rewards. The more transactions you make, the higher the rewards.

  • With 1 transaction: Get Rs 2000 in Amazon vouchers.
  • With 3 transactions: Get Rs 4000 in Amazon vouchers.
  • With 5 transactions: Get Rs.8000 in Amazon vouchers.

 Your chance to win 2 Premium Class tickets to Europe & more!

You enter a sweepstakes to win 2 Premium Economy tickets to Europe with just one transaction. And if you make 5 transactions, you enter an exclusive sweepstakes to win 2 SWISS Business Class tickets to Europe with a 2-night stopover in Switzerland & a First Class Swiss Travel Pass!

There are two ways you can make a transaction:

  • Earn: Accrue points while flying on Lufthansa Group & Partner Airlines
  • Spend: Redeem available points in your account to get AWARD Tickets, Upgrades, Lounge Vouchers, Excess Baggage, Flynet vouchers or the wide selection of products on World Shop.

Either way, if you make the transaction during the promotion period, you qualify for an assured reward.

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